Privacy Policy

Pubs of Distinction

Who We Are?

We are Pubs of Distinction Ltd, sometimes trading as ‘Local Beer House’. A group of independent pubs with the main aim of selling good beer & good food with a smile. A simple proposition that we take seriously. As we do your privacy. Here is our policy…

We only gather data so that we can contact you to inform you about interesting activities we have in our pubs. We only contact you when you have given us your permission to, maybe through our WIFI or bookings form. However, this is always your choice and you can request to leave at any time or ask what information we hold about you.

What do we hold?

We hold various pieces of data. Sometimes just a name and email address or other times more detailed levels of information depending on how you originally opted in. The vast majority of this data is not used, merely a by-product of the media platforms you’ve completed.

Why do we hold it?

We hold the data to have the ability to contact you with offers and information about our products and services, from food nights to new beers and more. We don’t want to invade your space which is why we usually only send the occasional email.

How do we protect it?

The most important thing to us is letting you know about what we have to offer, that’s it. We would never trade, misplace or misuse it. We hold your data on secure servers through a third party that is GDPR compliant.

How do you stop receiving this information?

If its via email you can unsubscribe from any email we send, and you will be removed from our database never to be bothered again with glorious beer, food and pub news.

How do I check what data we are holding?

Contact us (info[at] and we will let you know what data we hold

Who may use your data?

Your data may be accessible by us, Purple WIFI ltd., or select third parties (all GDPR compliant). Your data may also be provided to regulatory bodies where we are under a legal obligation to do this, to protect our own rights or if we feel someone’s safety is at risk.